Hyperloop Plans to Take You From Amsterdam to Paris in Just 30 Minutes!

Hyperloop Plans to Take You From Amsterdam to Paris in Just 30 Minutes!

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With projects firmly established in Abu Dhabi, Indonesia, and California, the futuristic transportation company, Hyperloop One, has also revealed news about the cities around Europe that can expect highly advanced transportation systems. And now, the first Hyperloop test facility has been unveiled in the Netherlands promising a journey from Amsterdam to Paris in just 30 minutes!

European Hyperloop test facility

A few days ago, the first European Hyperloop test facility was unveiled by Hardt (Delft Hyperloop) at the Technical University of Delft campus in the Netherlands. Hardt was founded as a company by some of the winners from the Hyperloop One competition held earlier this year. Hardt, together with European construction company BAM, have built a 30-meter long, with a diameter of 3.2 m, test facility to assess the technology. Hyperloop Transportation Technologies (HTT) is a separate league from Hyperloop One, which works as a global research developer of the transportation technology.

[Image Source: BAM]

The superfast train system is an airless vacuum tube where the pods are propelled by magnets. Ultrafast speeds are possible because of the no resistance principle inside the tube, which means that connecting journeys between Amsterdam to Paris will only take 30 minutes.

Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment has announced that, together with Hardt and America's Hyperloop One, it was beginning to study the possibilities of the futuristic transport system in the Netherlands. Minister Schultz van Haegen expressed his future hopes for the country and Europe.

"In terms of transportation, a new age has begun with self-driving vehicles, platooning trucks, and drones. In the Netherlands, we want to be the European test bed for these innovative and sustainable forms of transport and so build up more knowledge about them. The Hyperloop is fast, innovative, silent and sustainable and so very interesting for the transportation needs of the future".

[Image Source: HTT]

The test facility will enable Hardt to test all the essential features of the technology in a vacuum at low speeds. Some of these include testing the propulsion, safety, gliding, and the stabilization of the Hyperloop pod.

"We are creating the world where distance no longer matters. One where you will have the freedom to live and work wherever you want to", said Hardt's CEO, Tim Houter.

Meanwhile, the Delft Hyperloop team is participating in the SpaceX Hyperloop Pod Competition. The Dutch team is working on designing the most efficient pod or travel capsule. They have come up with their own unique design and levitation mechanism that is both safe and affordable. The completed pods will travel through a test track built by SpaceX in California. Delft Hyperloop's pod can reach speeds over 1,200 km/h carrying both passengers and luggage. Head over to Delft Hyperloop's website to find out more details about their technologies.

Toulouse, France

The French city of Toulouse has also signed an agreement with HTT to open a Hyperloop test facility in the city to develop and test technologies. Known as the "Aerospace Valley", Toulouse is providing a 3,000 square meter facility including an outdoor terrain.

Brno, Czech Republic

The Czech city has signed an agreement with HTT that marks the immediate research on the feasibility of a Hyperloop system that will connect Brno and Bratislava, Slovakia. It also envisions a route that will link Prague to Brno. The Czech city's central railway station operate 500 trains on a daily basis with 50,000 passengers coming in and out of Brno, which is currently at its maximum capacity.

"Connecting Brno with Prague, and the existing efforts in Bratislava along with other cities in the region with the next generation of transportation will set the stage for a new era," said Mayor Petr Vokřál. "We look forward to working with HTT to continue to bring innovation and opportunity to the city of Brno", he added.

Other Hyperloop activities are well on their ways around the world like in Abu Dhabi, Indonesia, and Dubai. "The future of transportation is closer than you think", said HTT. We'll certainly be hanging around to try out one of these rides soon.

Sources: Delft Hyperloop, HTTBAM

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