This Impressive Seagoing Vessel Is Both a Speed Boat and a Submarine

This Impressive Seagoing Vessel Is Both a Speed Boat and a Submarine

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A dual seagoing vessel doesn't often come readily available especially with the advanced technology required to achieve certain functionalities. But there is a bespoke and advanced vessel that fulfills the duty of both a speedboat and a submarine.

The Hyper-Sub vessel offers next-generation technologies that allow it to perform underwater as well as on the surface. With all its advanced features, the seagoing vessel is ideal for use within the patrolling, oil and gas, military and defense industries.

[Image Source: HyperSub]

The Hyper-Sub technology

As a multi-purpose seagoing vessel, Hyper-Sub fuses the long-range and high-speed abilities of a surface craft along with the deep diving attributes of a submarine. It's considered to be the first 2-in-1 sea vessel of its kind, which redefines small, submersible technology.

[Image Source: HyperSub]

When used as a speedboat, the Hyper-Sub is easily and immediately deployed from almost any dock, beach, port, and other seaside locations. After deployment on speedboat mode, the vessel can cruise to the desired destination at a speed of 26 knots or 38 mph. The convenient method of deployment eliminates the need for expensive vessel support making it ideal for immediate purposes like sea emergencies and rescues.

[Image Source: HyperSub]

Hyper-Sub uses two advanced submersible technology, which produces a watercraft that is safe, cost-effective, and scalable. The Hyper-Buoyancy technology of the vessel allows it to control and compartmentalize more than 30,000 lbs of lift. This means that Hyper-Sub still has the capability to resurface even during a complete systems failure. It also gives the vessel the power to rapidly ascent in case of any emergencies or in the event that the cabin becomes flooded. If the vessel happens to invert due to adverse weather conditions, the Hyper-Buoyancy technology allows it to submerge and invert itself back to the upright position.

[Image Source: HyperSub]

Hyper-Sub was intentionally designed in a modular form where the Sea-Frame and Dry Chamber components make up the entire vessel. The Sea-Frame houses the ballasts, engine, batteries, and dive chamber, which are collectively used for submerging and resurfacing operations. On the other hand, the Dry Chamber module of the vessel accommodate passengers, crew, cargo, battery payload, and other required items for the journey. The Dry-Chamber unit is customizable to any specific mission requirements so the vessel is applicable for use in various operations.

Potential industrial applications

As the Hyper-Sub is designed for both surface and underwater operations, the vessel is ideal for patrolling areas from above and below the water. It's equipped with advanced instruments allowing it to scan ship hulls for explosives, perform underwater inspections, and detection operations. The oil and gas industry could also benefit from this dual seagoing vessel in terms of surveying shallow waters and inspecting pipelines. The Hyper-Sub is particularly effective in this sort of operation as it doesn't require a full crew to operate a large submersible vessel. The same difficult task can be accomplished by the dual vessel at a fraction of the cost and time.

[Image Source: HyperSub via Facebook]

Of course, this type of submersible technology is attractive to the military and defense branch as well as for scientific explorations. The combination of the Sea-Frame and Dry-Chamber modular units offers solutions to a wide variety of operations and missions. Or if you have the money to burn, the Hyper-Sub could simply be a luxury watercraft for use whenever you want. The customizable Dry-Chamber unit is perfect for including all the amenities a private owner would need in a high-end vessel. Hyper-Sub's price has not been disclosed and it highly depends on Dry-Chamber's customized finishings. However, the vessel is available for both public and private inquiries.

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Featured Image Source: HyperSub via Facebook

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