This Mesh Portable Network Lets You Send Secure Messages Even Without Any Service

This Mesh Portable Network Lets You Send Secure Messages Even Without Any Service

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Few things are more annoying (and potentially dangerous) than finding yourself without a reliable cell signal or WiFi when you’re traveling—a reality that’s far too familiar for anyone who likes to spend large amounts of time in the great outdoors.

It is this very problem that led to the creation of goTenna Mesh Secure Portable Network, a wildly innovative and ultra-portable product that pairs with your phone and creates your very own signal so you can send secure texts and even GPS locations. And right now, this life-saving product is available for over 10% off at just $155.

The beauty of the goTenna lies in its simplicity. By utilizing mesh networking technology, it relies on nearby but otherwise unrelated signal carriers and devices to deliver messages and GPS locations anywhere on earth.

The goTenna also uses mesh networking technology to drastically extend the signal range of your device by pairing with other goTenna devices—meaning you will be able to stay connected even on long hikes or in other low-service environments.

You’ll be able to privately send messages via your own personal network, communicate with others even without any cell service, track messages with delivery confirmations, and even access and download free offline maps of areas around the world.

And since there is no central data storage involved, you’ll have end-to-end encryption across the board.

There is a reason why the goTenna Mesh Secure Portable Network has been awarded Popular Science’s Best of What’s New 2017 award, along with a Men’s Health 2017 Editor’s Pick. And now you can pick one up for just $155—over 10% off the usual price.

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